Pete Fordham Fly Fishing Guide

The ultimate fly fishing experience

Backcountry fishing

In May I fished with Peter Fordham at a magnificent spot near the confluence of three streams which tumbled over a waterfall, past enormous ferns and dense undergrowth. "Can you see those three fish feeding on the bottom?" Fordham asked as we gazed into a clear pool. "Now walk downstream about five metres and cast into that riffle at the far end of the pool. There are some really big fish there."

On my first cast, the little fly hissed through moist air and landed about two metres from the fish. One rainbow trout darted towards it, then stopped and retreated. After a few more casts the fish no longer hesitated. Strike! With my graphite rod bent nearly double, I stumbled across the pool as the trout made a furious run upstream. Correct technique helps ensure a fish remains hooked and, under Fordham's expert guidance, I landed the six-pound rainbow - a lovely, fat hen fish in prime condition.

Margie Blok: Sydney Morning Herald - Read the article