Pete Fordham Fly Fishing Guide

The ultimate fly fishing experience

Pete Fordham can provides all the equipment you need

Waders and Boots
Lightweight waders (breathable), wading boots for spring and summer.
Hot weather-polypro LJs, shorts, and wading boots.
Thick socks and gravel guards.
Studded boots (NOT felt) handy on some rivers but noise control requires extra care.

Subdued natural colours. (The clear water allows the fish to see us as well!)
Brimmed hats offer neck and ear protection.
Water/wind proof jacket and waterproof hat.
Polaroid glasses (also assist in wading on stones).
Warm layered clothing for winter.
Wet-wading pants for summer

9' graphite. 5-7 wgt recommended.
(see Winter 6 wgt best all round rod.)
6 & 7 lines.
WF floating 5 - 7 wgt
Natural Colours
75 - 100yds backing
9-12' 3x - 4x-5x.
Tippet - guide provides

Royal Wulffs 10-16, Adams 10-16,
Humpys 10 - 16, Stimulators 10-14,
Pheasant Tails 10-18, Stone flies 10-14,
Assorted beadheads 10-16,
Large nymphs should be well weighted.

Contact Pete Fordham: T:021 295 5023 Taupo, New Zealand